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2010 Producer for a Lebanese documentary on artists

2010 May Coordinator of Naohiko Umewaka s presentation at TEDxTokyo

2010 April Organizer of a charity event Black wave for Haiti at Konno Hachiman

shrine with the Poet Drago Stambuck, Noh Master Naohiko Umewaka,

Butoh player Taketeru Kudo and cello player Benjamin Skepper

2010 Organizer of a Noh performance for the preopening of Turkey/Japan,

120th anniversary at the Japanese/Turkish foundation, a new opera at the Opera

house in Ankara and a modern play in Turkish at the National theater in Istanbul.

2009 Organizer of a Noh presentation at Freikeh Festival and workshop and Play

performance in Arabic at the Lebanese /American university in Lebanon.

2008 Adviser for Millionaires Asia Japan Magazine; was in charge of the Public

Relations launch party in September.

2008 Jan In charge of the Public Relations for the opening party of an exhibition at the Mori

Arts Center at the Mori Hills (Tokyo most prestigious contemporary Art exhibiting


2007 Nov In charge of the Public Relations for the new Noh play Ondine at the National Noh

Theater in Tokyo.

2007 June Coordinated with Keio University media center for the show of the Birthday cake

4k movie

2006 July Coordinator for a Noh performance at Carthago festival for the 50th anniversary

between Japan/Tunisia

2006 Jan Coordinator of a symposium/performance on time and space with fashion

designer with Junko Koshino, Noh Master, Naohiko Umewaka

2005 Bridge between Arabs and Japan in the Special Olympics at Nagano

2005 Organized Noh performances at Princeton University in the USA

2004 Organized Guerlain s cherry blossom party at Frank Llyoyds design Jiyugakuen

in Tokyo .

2004 MJU-PR President

2002-2007 Lebanese Embassy

Ambassador's office Public Relations in Tokyo Japan.

2000-2002 Refugees International Japan

Special Events Coordinator

Organizer of charity concerts, movie premiere, embassy events

Organizer of a charity concert with Yumi Matsutoya at British Embassy for

Refugees International Japan.

1997 Organizer of Noh performances in San Paolo Brazil

1982 Present Michi no Kai Tokyo, Japan

Public Relations Officer

-Responsible for promoting the domestic and international activities of

one of Japan s most distinguished Noh theatre companies.

-Work to increase awareness and understanding of Noh theatre.

-Handle interpreting and negotiations in several languages.

Organize overseas performances and workshops.

public relations

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